A Day On A Southern Maine Beach

There are beaches and then there are Maine beaches. A rocky shore in many places, the state’s shoreline also opens up into small-, medium-, and large-sized beaches with sandy shores.

What makes them really great, besides the rolling waves and the circling seabirds, are the hiking opportunities that often lie just off the beach. Going from a day in the sand to a sweet hike in the magical forest of Maine constitutes a real smorgasbord of nature’s bounty.

We’ll let you plan the hike, but here are some essentials you’ll need for a day on the beach in southern Maine, especially near Old Orchard beach attractions.


  • Sunscreen: Let’s start here and let’s be honest. The sun can be yours and your family’s worst enemy at the beach, so choosing the right one is critical. Here’s a solid guide to choosing the <best sunscreen for your family  when you visit Old Orchard. Also, don’t forget those cover-up swimsuits and/or rashguards for the kids.
  • Blanket/Towels: Critical. A good beach blanket that’s waterproof on one side gives you and yours a home base. Just be sure to wipe the sand off your feet before traipsing across it.
  • Cooler(s): Bring your A-game by having both a “dry” and a “wet” cooler, the former for foodstuffs and the latter for juice boxes and…other things that come in boxes that only adults can drink.
  • Beach Umbrella: Must be substantial, Maine beaches are known to be a bit windy.
  • Beach Tent/Canopy: If you can pull it off, a seriously tied down tent can be handy, especially with kids. Almost as much so are the pop up tents for youths that give the kids a safe place to get out of the elements. Here’s an example of a <good pop up beach tent for youths https://momlovesbest.com/gear/baby-beach-tent>.
  • Extra Dry Clothes: If you’re at a beach in Old Orchard, Maine, in the summertime, it’s mostly going to be warm and sunny, but if clouds roll in and the winds pick up, it can be a little chilly here and there, so throw some fleeces and jackets in the car just in case. That’s Maine weather for you!

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